walnuts benefit heart and intestinal bacteria without being fattening

What is loaded in fat but is not fattening? What is delicious and really good for you? The answer is . . . .

Though people continue to be afraid that nuts are fattening, we have written a ton on this blog about nuts being healthy without being fattening. One of the healthiest nuts with the best fats is the walnut and its load of essential fatty acids. Now a new study has revealed a surprising new benefit of eating walnuts.

Lots of studies have shown that eating lots of nuts is good for you: it reduces your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease as well as reducing your risk of dying from any cause. One of the healthiest nuts is the walnut. Walnuts have been shown to be good for heart health without being fattening, to be good for metabolic syndrome and improving nutrient intake and to improve sperm and fertility.

A new study has found, once again, that eating walnuts is good for your heart: it lowered the dangerous LDL cholesterol by a significant 7%. That is no longer surprising. But it found something else that was.

The study gave eighteen people with an average age of 53.1 years either no walnuts or 42g of walnuts each day for three weeks. That’s about a third of a cup or a handful of walnuts. The study found that eating the walnuts favourably affected the microbiome or the balance of intestinal bacteria. Eating walnuts led to more of a class of bacteria that are a crucial energy source for the cells that line the colon because they produce butyrate. Walnuts also lowered secondary bile acids, which are known to be higher in people with colorectal cancer.

J Nutr 2018;doi.org/10.1093/jn/nxy004

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