vitamin D reduces your risk of dying from cancer

With all the negative news about cancer treatment and cancer survival, what would you do if you heard there was a simple vitamin that could take a bite out of cancer’s power to kill?

A new meta-analysis of vitamin D and cancer updated the evidence by including recent controlled studies.

Several past studies have found that vitamin D reduces the risk of getting any type of cancer in both women (Am J Nutr 2007) and men (J Am Natl Cancer Inst 2006). It lowers the risk of breast cancer incidence, metastasis and death (Carcinogenesis 2008;29(1):93-9; CA Cancer J Clin 2008;58:264-5; Arch Intern Med 20007; Environ Health Perspect 2017;125(7):077004). It lowers the risk of colon cancer (Am J Prev Med 2007; J Clin Oncol 2011.10.1200/JCO.2011.35.7566). And it lowers your risk of pancreatic cancer (Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2006).

Surprisingly, given this evidence, the new meta-analysis found only a non-significant 2% reduction in risk of getting cancer. But don’t put your vitamin D bottle away just yet. The meta-analysis clearly showed that vitamin D reduces your risk of dying from any cancer by a significant 13%. The most effective way of using vitamin D to reduce your risk of dying from cancer was to take it daily.

This study shows that one very easy, safe and inexpensive way to reduce your risk of dying from cancer is to take vitamin D each day.

Ann Oncol 2019;30(5):733-743

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