A Safe, Simple New Way to Fight Depression & Anxiety

adding rosemary to SSRI antidepressants improves depression and anxiety
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If your antidepressant is working well enough, try adding this!

For many people, antidepressant drugs don’t work well enough. A new study suggests that simply adding the common herb rosemary could change that.

Rosemary is best known as a powerful antioxidant herb that is great for memory. But this new double-blind study shows that it can be a life changer for people struggling with depression and anxiety.

The 8 week study added either rosemary or a placebo to SSRI antidepressants in people with depression.

On the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and the Beck Depression Inventory, adding rosemary effectively reduced anxiety and depression. Anxiety scores also improved more quickly with the addition of rosemary.

Rosemary is very safe. But it may have one side effect: but it’s a good one. Memory improvement was observed in the rosemary group as might be expected from a proven memory herb.

This study introduces rosemary as a herb for depression and anxiety and suggests that adding it to SSRI antidepressants may safely improve their speed and performance.

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. Nov 2022;49:101685

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