saffron helps people with subclinical depression, stress and low mood

This remarkable herb helps improve your mood and depression even when you didn’t know you needed help improving your mood and depression.

Though saffron is still not a well known herb, the evidence is overwhelming that it helps depression. But a small study has now show something completely new. Saffron can help improve mood and depression even in people who are not clinically depressed: it just makes you feel better.

This novel double-blind study gave 56 people either 30mg of standardized saffron extract or a placebo for 8 weeks. What was different about the people in this study is that they were not clinically depressed. They were healthy adults, but, like so many people, they were experiencing subclinical feelings of low mood and anxiety or stress.

The study found that saffron improves mood and depression even in this group of people. Compared to the placebo, the people who took the saffron had significantly reduced depression scores, significantly improved social relationship scores and significantly improved ability to cope. The saffron also improved their stress. Their heart rate variability was not affected when they were exposed to a stressor in a test.

This study is intriguing because it adds a huge population to the group of people who can benefit from saffron: people who, though they are not clinically depressed, are experiencing subclinical feelings of low mood, depression and stress. It turns out, saffron can help them with their depression and mood and relationships.

Very importantly, this study is also the first to show that saffron helps heart rate variability when exposed to psychosocial stressors. That means that saffron may be able to increase “resilience against the development of stress-related psychiatric disorders.” Helping people with coping and resilience is especially important in challenging times like the ones we are in right now.

Front Nutr February 1 2021;

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