taxing meat would help health and environment

A new report by Britain’s Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return says that several counties tax goods that are unhealthy either for people or for the environment: over 180 countries tax tobacco, 60 tax carbon and 25 tax sugar. It is “inevitable,” they say, that the next one is meat.

sulforaphane from broccoli helps autism

An new group of studies is beginning to suggest the possibility that there is safe, effective natural help for autism.

high vegetable low protein diet benefits multiple sclerosis

There's a secret about MS that, for some reason, your doctor will never tell you.

flu vaccine doesn't help seniors, children, pregnant women or anyone else

The media keeps hammering you with the message to get the flu shot. But maybe it’s time to start listening to the science and not to the media.

There are four groups of people that science says should not be getting the flu shot.

plant based diet has important impact on global warming

What’s the most effective way for you to have an impact on global warming? The answer might surprise you!

coffee prevents liver disease and helps you live longer

We hear a lot about the downside of coffee. But, it turns out there’s a big upside too.

spearmint essential oil is effective pain killer

You know all about peppermint oil and its value for irritable bowel syndrome. But do you know about its less well known relative?

majority of Americans don't eat enough fruit and vegetables

Oh, oh, America! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says you’re not eating enough of the good stuff.

walking and exercise prevents glaucoma

You know what exercise does to your heart and your muscles. But, what does it do to your eyes?

Health Canada and CBC say green tea extract causes liver damage

Health Canada is making warnings about the risk of liver injury with green tea extract more explicit. But, here's what you need to know.

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