vitamin D during pregnancy improves bone health in babies born in winter

Expecting a baby this winter? Taking vitamin D may not always help, but it will help now.

antioxidant quercetin prevents free radical damage from exercise

Athletes are hard on their bodies, so their bodies are always looking for help. Here’s help.

BRCA gene does not affect breast cancer survival

Advice that has become routine at many cancer centers may have led women to have both of their breasts removed unnecessarily.

vitamin D, multivitamin and omega-3 essential fatty acids prevent diabetes

Between 1999 and 2009, there was an unbelievable 70% increase in the number of people suffering from diabetes in Canada. But now Canadian researchers have discovered a new way to put a stop to this disturbing epidemic.

green leafy vegetables prevent cognitive decline and keep your brain young

If you want to keep your mind young and sharp, it turns out that, in a world of complicated brain training apps and dangerous drugs, the best advice is the advice your parents gave you all along. And the benefit is massive.

Ginkgo improves stroke recovery

Strokes are a leading cause of disability and death. But a simple leaf could solve that.

drinking tea prevents glaucoma

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. And simple cup of tea may change that.

tongkat ali helps men with erectile dysfunction, low libido and infertility

There are three major ways men can suffer from sexual and reproductive problems. They can experience erectile dysfunction, low libido and infertility. Well, there is one exotic herb that may help with all four.

chamomile improves sleep quality in seniors with insomnia

Suffering from insomnia is an incredibly common problem. The elderly, especially, frequently endure sleep disturbances. But a traditional herbal remedy offers hope.

saffron is safe for postpartum depression and as effective as Prozac

About 15% of women are doomed to depression when they should be experiencing the greatest joy of their lives. The pharmacy has nothing to offer, but, now, nature does.

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